Judi Allen - A Legacy Denied

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Judi Moore Allens Forbidden Death Certificate Questions




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The Riverside Sheriff Coroner performed an average of 1272 autopsies per year or 4 to
5 per day between 2004 and 2010. They handled over 11,000 death reports in 2012, of
which an estimated 10% resulted in autopsies, as the performance of autopsies has been
decreasing with budget decreases since 2008. The death reporting process generally
results in no autopsy 90% of the time. But, by law the Coroner is required to perform
autopsies  on unattended deaths under the same budget constraints. The "normal"
procedure for handling death reports and budgeting constraints may well be overriding
factors in Judi Allen's prejudicial death certificate. There simply was not enough time and
money to do the job right. That, however, does not answer any of the critical questions
regarding the death certificate relating to honest and responsible action .Nevertheless,
the loss of the legacy she left behind is, or at least should be, unacceptable. Her children and
friends will have to deal with the doubt caused to her legacy because of the death certificate, and
that is unacceptable. Costs could have easily been controlled by interfacing with the family.

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Thank you,
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April 19, 2014 Holy Saturday

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