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 Rush Equipment Analysis, Inc. provides mechanical testing services related to
all forms of vibration and dynamics evaluations, including
machinery vibration,
construction equipment ground vibration
, and stress measurements
due to ambient and human environments. 

Rush Engineering, Inc. has been providing engineering consulting services for
general industry in the fields of
electrical, mechanical,
control systems engineering since 1983.

 Rush E. Allen
, the principal engineer, is a registered professional engineer
in these fields in the state of California U.S.A.
and a Certified Machinery Vibration Analyst with the Vibration Institute.  

Introduction: Equipment Service Compliance Vibration Certification
CASE I: Deep Set VTP– Pump Station Weakness
CASE II: Vertical Non-Clog Pump Lateral Resonance
CASE III: Submersible Pump Dry Pit Lateral Resonance
CASE IV: Vertical Can Pump System Resonance
CASE V: Vertical Can Pump Oil Whip Excitation
CASE VII: Tall Motor Stand VTP Test Procedures

Engineering Services    ---    Equipment Analysis
           Electrical/Mechanical Engineering     ---    Ground Vibration Analysis Procedures  
Dynamics Testing and Analysis     ---    Machinery Vibration Analysis    
Finite Element Modeling     ---    Power Harmonics Analysis  
Structural Testing and Analysis
     ---    Acoustic Testing & Analysis        
Field Testing Instrumentation Examples    ---    
Electrical Performance Certification                 
Ground Vibration Measurement Example    ---    Equipment Service Compliance Certification

These services are provided at REI offices and at client field locations throughout the world.
Primary activities (90%) are performed in the
Southern California area.

 Rush Engineering, Inc.
43430 East Florida Ave, #F331
Hemet, CA 92544-7210

Ph: 951-927-1316

e-mail Rush@Rush Engineering, Inc.

Contact Sheet (active pdf)