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Structural Testing and Acoustic Noise Analysis

Motor vibration creating excessive noise in pump station.
Vertical Pump Motor Installation



Motor shell instrumented to measure starting and running transients.
Instrumentation on Motor


Internal components on motor instrumented for vibration and noise measurements.
Motor Internal Instrumentation



Components bend due to electromagnetic and mechanical forces of operation.
Motor Internals



External shell components vibrate like drum surfaces transmitting acoustic noise to surroundings.
Motor Internal Instrumentation



Starting and rundown transients indicate noise is sensitive to frequency band near 700 Hz.
Speed Spectral Map


Acoustic noise transient increases with speed.
Acoustic Noise Transient


Vibration acceleration transient increases with speed.
Acceleration Transient


Motor side panel radiating high acoustic noise levels.
Motor Panel



Motor shell drumming loud acoustic noise due to "panel resonance."
Vibration Deflection Shape


Acceleration spectrum shows vibration resonance amplification of 683.8 Hz and 720.7 Hz components.
Acceleration Spectrum


Acoustic noise spectrum shows highest amplitude at 683.8 Hz and 720.7 Hz components.
Acoustic Spectrum


Motor shell braced to detune panel resonance,
and rotor windings modified to eliminate exciting force.

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